Data Select a table containing your correlation coefficient (Pearson's R) data. This should be a spreadsheet in tab-delimited TXT or CSV format. N is the sample size. N may be specified as a consistent single value for every correlation, or you may select a table below with an N number for each correlation (which may be necessary if you have missing data points for some correlations). As with the R table, the N table must be a spreadsheet in TXT or CSV format. The N table dimensions must perfectly match those of the R table.
Display Chart background color Specify the width in pixels of the frame to draw around each data box. Select the color of the data box frames. Specify the font size in pixels to use for the row and column labels. Select the font color for the labels. Width of each colored data block, in pixels. Height of each colored data block, in pixels.
Format Only SVG format is supported at this time.